Is Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Worth The Cost?

Fact 1

It’s the perfect time to sell your home in San Diego because market prices for houses have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, but that doesn’t mean that buyers are looking to invest in a “fixer-upper.” Most buyers are willing to wait for a home that’s move in ready, and when they take out a mortgage, they don’t want a house that they’re going to have to spend thousands of dollars in upgrades for.

Fact 2

It’s also true that there are two rooms of the house that are more important to most buyers than any others. Those are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Fact 3

Simple Upgrades are going to be much more lucrative in terms of return on investment than major ones.

With that in mind, these upgrades will help you sell your home and get a good return on your investment.

#1. Routine Maintenance

All the routine maintenance you’ve let slip by the wayside needs to be taken care of. That means cosmetic upgrades like painting and major maintenance jobs like fixing leaky pipes or plumbing issues. Replacing the roof will net you close to a 100% return on the investment and make your home infinitely more attractive to prospective buyers. San Diego realtors also like to see updated kitchens, and suggest that refinishing the cabinets can be one of those minor cosmetic touches that makes or breaks a sale.

#2. Update the Kitchen

Realtors have a saying: “You’re selling the kitchen, not the house.” Updating the cabinets, whether it means replacing them entirely or having them refinished or refaced can go a long way toward attracting a prospective buyer. Another key buzzword that is going to be a major selling point is “energy efficient” appliances. Modernizing the layout and investing in an island might be a good place to start. Replacing the countertops if they’re starting to get dingy is a great idea too, and have a look at the faucet. If the faucet is funky, prospective buyers will think that the house is funky.

#3. The Bathroom

You don’t need to invest in luxury faucets designed by modern artists, but you should consider replacing the faucets and recaulking the area around the tub. The last thing a prospective buyer wants is to inherit the the amoebas and microorganisms of the previous occupants. Laying new tile isn’t a bad idea either, and replacing the sink area with something modern and eye grabbing is going to net you a decent return. Replacing the tub and shower is also an opportunity for you to sell your home that much more quickly, and the better the check here job you do here, the more likely that prospective buyers will be willing to outbid one another in a war of the wallets.

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